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Furniture industry

Different types of glass, mirrors used in modern furniture result in achieving very stylish and beautiful look combining different styles. Glass shelving lit by LED lighting, frameless glass doors with different patterns imprinted on it, or furniture made entirely out of glass – the potential is amazing.

Street furniture

Urban space is a great challenge for anyone trying to implement changes and at the same time retain the atmosphere and the character of a given place. Etched glass or coloured glass became a great mean of uniting modern technology with tradition and classic style. Thanks to glass and the possibilities that come with it our cities become beautiful and modern without losing its character.

Construction industry

The construction industry frequently uses toughened glass. Cut to size, coloured or etched is very durable and improves the aesthetic aspect of the building. Toughened glass suppliers are able to offer products of the highest possible quality for extremely large number of applications and places.

Interior design

Laminated glass and its various forms, as well as possibilities offered by its use, gave interior designers a great chance to create completely new projects, unique in its form and atmosphere. Talented designer is able to employ and multiply the effects of using cheap LED lighting with i.e. large mirrors – the effects of such a combination are often breathtaking.


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